Fergal O’Sullivan is a Dublin based photographer who has recently graduated from IADT, Dun Laoghaire with a Photography Degree (Hons. 1st. Class). and this is his first solo exhibition. He has exhibited previously in group shows at The Exchange in Temple Bar in 2012, at Moxie Studios in Pembroke Row and the music and art event 'See | Hear' at The Back Loft in 2013 and more recently in the exhibition, ‘Residency’, at The Library Project as part of PhotoIreland Festival 2014. 


Water has held a fascination and has been an inspiration for many of the great poets, authors, artists and painters throughout history. In the series 'Waterscapes' he has created images that have been taken at various locations and watercourses around Ireland. As a photographer he tries to bring his own unique perspective and view of the everyday world by photographing from differing angles. By doing so he attempts to capture more than just the water’s obvious fluid and chaotic movement but also its more structured and linear appearance as it encounters manmade structures while passing through the landscape.


The images were shot using Olympus cameras and lenses and are processed to emphasise the shapes, shadows and colours captured in the water by the surrounding natural environment. It is with this in mind that he hopes that the finished images cause confusion, prompt a second look and elicit a response from the viewer.