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Soldier  |  Sapahi

A.G. Cocker WO II

Army No. 926513


This project explores the life of a man who was born in colonial India in 1925 into a family of Irish and British descent that spanned four generations serving the British Empire. In spite of their generational connection, his family, like many others, had to return to England as part of the deal that brought independence to India.


Having spent much of his early life at the Lawrencian military boarding school of Lovedale in Southern India his  thirty-year army career started when he joined the British army in 1940 at the age of fifteen. His daily life had many aspects to it, based on a structured routine, protocol and discipline but ultimately it centred on relationships both professional and personal of comradeship, friendship, faith, love and a strong family ethic.


As digital technologies continuously evolve and change the way in which we take, produce and store images the project also reflects on the materiality of the physical archive, the printed photograph and the uniqueness of objects.


Sapahi ~ (Sa-pah-hee) ~ Urdu word meaning Soldier


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    Bert - aged 15 (RH)